Window maintenance is a big part of regular home check-ups. You can easily prolong the life of your windows by annually chiseling a little time out of your schedule. In this article, Kearns Brothers will walk you through the ins and outs of everything windows.

Replacement Windows Make a Clear Difference

Replacement windows make a huge difference, from energy efficiency to increased curb appeal.  Not only do new windows and doors let the light in, but they each also play an important role in maintaining the temperature inside your home. Older windows can suffer from several ailments that make them less efficient than their newer counterparts. Heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer is responsible for 25%-30% of heating and cooling energy use. With that kind of loss, isn’t it time to look at updating your windows?  Modern windows come in a variety of materials from fiberglass, vinyl, wood, and more. While some of these materials are common throughout the history of windows, the technology has been updated. Modern windows may be multi-chambered and contain fusion-welded frame construction. To the average homeowner, these features may mean little until you start talking cost savings of upgrading the windows in your home. 

What is Special About Energy- Efficient Windows

Upgrading to energy-efficient windows will help reduce your energy consumption. How? Through the insulated glass.  Long gone are the days of single pane glass windows. If you ever lived in a house with single pane glass windows, you probably remember the window coverings you put up to help keep the cold air away. Modern windows do an excellent job of keeping your home temperate despite what is going on outside.  

How Long Do Replacement Windows Last?

Replacement windows are a large expenditure. They do a great job of lowering your HVAC bills which will help with the return on investment.  How long replacements last depends on different factors so it’s hard to gauge a true shelf-life. It mostly has to do with what material you choose. A good quality window will last roughly two decades. Vinyl windows are durable and some have warranties of 20 years or more. Fiberglass is sturdier than vinyl and will last a little longer but come with a higher cost. Wood windows may last even longer but they do require regular maintenance and care to achieve long periods. 

Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing Replacement Windows

As you start to search for reputable window contractors to complete your project, there are numerous things you should ask to ensure you get the correct windows for your home and your goals. 


Be sure to discuss the pros and cons of all the window materials you are interested in. There are innovations in the window industry that you have to take into account. Not to mention some window materials have required maintenance that may affect your decision-making. 


New replacement windows are a considerable investment. You want to make sure that the windows you purchase have a suitable warranty to protect your investment.


Be sure to look into the reputation of the window installation company. Companies that have been around a long time will likely have a breadth of experience to draw upon. Be sure to look into their reviews on Angi, BBB, and Google to get an accurate representation of the quality of their work and their communication styles. 


What style of windows best suits your home? Look around your neighborhood and see what other homeowners are doing and see if it would make sense with your home. Also, ask your contractor about the features of each window to be certain that it meets your needs.

Window Maintenance: Tips from Kearns Brothers

Much like anything with your home, taking a moment to give it a once-over can pay off in the long run. The same holds true with your windows.  By spending time completing window maintenance, finding something that may feel like a small inconvenience may turn into a big problem if left unaddressed. Briefly conducting a check-up will prolong the life of your windows and stretch your investment dollars.

1. Conduct window maintenance annually

An annual check-up is critical in preventative maintenance. You will need to look for imperfections. Check for 
  • Leaks or drafts
  • Cracks in paint or in the material itself
  • Paint that is chipped
  • Sealant with cracks or breaks
  • Trouble opening or closing the windows including any crank mechanism
An opportune time to look for these issues is after a big storm especially if there was hail. 

2. Pay attention to the caulking 

Caulking helps keep moisture out and if there are cracks, rips, or missing caulking you need to replace it as soon as possible. Cracked sealant can let in water. Small leaks can turn into big problems. 

3. Look for any imperfections in the wood

Wood windows provide a natural beauty that other windows can not achieve. They do, however, require more maintenance than other materials. The finish on your wood windows helps protect them from ultraviolet damage but prolonged exposure will compromise the finish. Look for peeling, cracking, and corrosion of your wood windows. If you are seeing evidence of damage, call your window installer for advice. Or consult this article on how to refinish a wood window. 

4. Clean your window tracks

Dirt and debris blow through the air throughout the year. You clean the outside of your windows of all of the grime, why not the tracks? Dirt builds up in the tracks and makes your windows more difficult to open and leads to them getting stuck. Clean the tracks with a dry brush. If grime is caked on, use soap and water to remove it.

5. Do your windows fit?

Weird question, right? Of course, they fit or they’d be popping out. However, check to see if they open and close easily. Your home shifts over time and changing temperatures can shrink or expand your frames. If you start having difficulty opening or closing your windows, then you are experiencing an issue with fit. 

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