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Brendon Brownfield

I have worked with Kearns Brothers as a Sales Consultant since 2005. I provide exceptional customer service with my knowledge of Roofing, Siding and Windows and have won the 2016 James Hardie Salesman of the year. With many years of experience in working with clients on multiphase projects, I have learned what it takes to see those large projects through to their completion. 

Cameron Bates

I have worked with Kearns Brothers since 2003. I’m well versed in all exterior construction: siding, roofing, metal flashing and trim. My number one goal is customer satisfaction. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife and son. I’m looking forward to working for you and making your job go as smooth as possible.

Chuck Saltmarche

I arrived at Kearns Brothers as a Sales Consultant in 2011 and have been involved with home-improvement all of my life. It is so wonderful to work for a company, and for people that I truly believe in. Having personal relationships with my customers, and treating my clients the same way that I would treat my own family is important to me. My goals are to make your experience with Kearns Brothers a stress free/ no pressure process, to help you feel comfortable and confident with your decisions, and to see the smiles on my customer’s faces after we create a safe and beautiful home for their families to enjoy every day. Let me help you and your family realize all of your home improvement needs and dreams.

David Dombrowski

After a long career in Community Association management I was looking for a change. The Kearns family welcomed me with open arms. As a member of the family since 2015 I have been part of the team which brings oversight and supervision throughout all aspects of the business with a focus on providing exceptional service to the Condo industry. I enjoy sport fishing and I am always looking to top my personal best.

Diane Derderian

I have been with Kearns Brothers since 2014. I am a Customer Service Specialist for the company and enjoy working with people. My main goal is customer satisfaction. I am looking forward to speaking with you and the opportunity to provide you with excellent customer service!

Elizabeth Lehto

I have been working at Kearns Brothers since 2016 and am a Customer Service Specialist. My full time job is actually teaching, but when I am not busy or school’s out for summer, I help out the Kearns Support team whenever and however I can. I enjoy making sure that our customers are satisfied by always cheerfully handling any issue they may have. I love Orange Spice tea, and both of my families, my own and my Kearns family!!!

Gary Holm

I have had over 40 years of experience in the building trade, and have been with Kearns Brothers since 1996. I have worked my way from a humble laborer all the way to manager of both residential and commercial projects. I’m proud to say that I take the time to interact with each and every customer to ensure their needs are met with satisfaction. My extensive knowledge with the projects at hand help leave no detail unnoticed, leaving the customer’s mind at ease.

Gary Kearns

Since 1992, I have been a part of the growth of our company from both the sales side of the business and now as the Executive General Manager of Kearns Brothers, Inc. I have had the fortunate experience to work side by side with some of the brightest and hardest working people in the home improvement industry. Our continued focus and drive to deliver quality jobs as well as do the right thing everyday for our clients are values that make us who we are today and everyday. That alone makes me very proud of our company and its culture.

James Cole-Dionisi

I have been with the Kearns Brothers family since 2006. I am a Service Crew leader in the residential division. I specialize in troubleshooting, roofing, siding, trim and other maintenance repairs. I enjoy playing sports with my kids and spending time with my family. My goal is to make your experience as smooth as possible. I look forward to being a part of your remodeling process.

Jason Andrews

I am a crew leader for the Service Department at Kearns Brothers and have been with them since 2016. I work in the Condo Service department and my job functions include quoting repairs, troubleshooting, performing and overseeing job sites and insuring customer care. I will go above and beyond the norm to take care of all of my clients concerns.

Jeremy Kane

I have been with Kearns Brothers since 2015. I am a Service Crew Leader. I work the condominiums side of service. I specialize in carpentry, but have past experience in general construction with the USN Seabees. To me, the greatest customer service is that our work is thorough and guarantees 110% customer satisfaction.

Kathy Hennessey

My name is Kathy Hennessey and I am the project manager for the condo division and the window division. I started working for Kearns Brothers in 2004, however I have over 25 years experience in the construction industry. In the condo division I work with property managers, board members and owners coordinating projects. For the window division I order the windows and schedule installs. I have good communication skills and I am able to understand what a customer means and wants. My goal is to make sure every customer knows he is valuable and make their home improvement project a positive experience.

Keith McCaig

Keith has been with Kearns Brothers for over 20 years. He is our interior remodeler and headed the renovation of the Plymouth showroom. Plymouth is his home and he enjoys serving the community around him by helping people design the kitchen or bathroom of their dreams. When Keith isn’t busy, he enjoys coaching his kid’s sports teams or just kicking it back with his beautiful wife in his Plymouth home.

Kevin Range

I started with Kearns Brothers in 1989. I began my career in residential remodeling and apprenticed several trades that included roofing ,siding and window installations. I went on to become a job foreman and managed day to day operations on job sites. After 25 years I was given the opportunity to represent the company as a sales consultant and assist clients with any remodel needs.

Lauren Hall

I have been Kearns Brothers since 2012. I’m two parts organization & attention to detail, 1 part maverick, a dash of sass, and if there's food - probably near it. Other than that, Lauren has been kicking butt and taking names in Kearns Brothers accounting department as an Accounts Administrator for the last 5 years. Being responsible for the entering and balancing of accounts payable/receivable, and buried in numbers, Lauren admires that KBI is a well oiled machine held together by checks and balances & unprecedented teamwork.

Lauren Thiele

Lauren has been working with Kearns Brothers since 2016. She is a customer service representative for the Plymouth office. She feels privileged to work with such a great company and part of a newer team in the heart of Old Village, and loves showing off the interior side of the showroom. Along with working with Keith and Mike Wall to maintain a great customer base, Lauren enjoys all the extra outings that Kearns puts on for the crews and teams. Her favorite season is Winter and she can’t wait for the snow!

Mel Wootten

I have been with the company since 2000 managing customer service and roofing installations at Kearns Brothers.It has been my pleasure to work with a great group of men and women who share one common goal; provide exceptional service to our clients on a daily basis. I look forward to continuing to uphold those standards as part of the Kearns Brothers family for many years to come.

Micah Williamson

I have been with Kearns Brothers since 2013. I am a Condo Service Supervisor and run the service department. I oversee employees, estimate jobs, and am involved with marketing. I love to golf and spend time with my wife and twokids I also work in the field myself. I care for my clients and always give 100% effort in insuring their complete satisfaction with the work that we do.

Michael Baker

I have been with Kearns Brothers since 2005. As a Sales Consultant and Project Manager, I enjoy helping customers not only protect their investment, but I also work with them to transform their house into a home that they can be proud of. The customers who choose me know that they can trust me to look out for their best interest. The tenacity that I have allows me to see every project through to a successful completion.

Michael Kearns

I have been working at Kearns Brothers since 1999 starting at 14 years of age, working on the ground doing clean up and small tasks. I have worked my way from a labor, to a masons, to my current position managing the masonry and siding divisions. I enjoy working with our team members to grow the divisions and relationships with our customers.

Mikal Klugh

I have been with Kearns Brothers since 2016. I’m very professional and aim to please every client to the best of my ability. Customer satisfaction is my main goal. I enjoy helping a homeowner protect their investment by doing quality work in a smooth and timely manner.

Mike Wall

I am a Graduate of the University of Michigan and started at Kearns Brothers in 1999. I currently hold the position of General Manager of the Plymouth location. I overlook the sales staff and customer service representatives. Building a personal connection with my clients has always been my greatest customer service attribute.

Nicole Pacific

I been with Kearns Brothers since 2003. I work in the Accounting Department and handle all of our payroll. My most favorite quote is telling everyone “Happy Friday” !

Paul Ferrero

I’ve been a part of the Kearns Brothers family since 2014, working in the Sales and Project Management department. As a husband and father of 2 college students, I am keenly aware of the challenges homeowners face when taking on a home remodeling project. In an effort to meet or exceed customer expectations, it is my opinion that properly assessing each project upfront is of the utmost importance. Ultimately my goal is to deliver exceptional quality and value with the least amount of inconvenience to the homeowner on each and every project.

Richard Rice

I am our lead Renoworks designer and home image consultant and have been with Kearns Brothers since 2006. I have an in-depth background in engineering construction and specialize in exterior building materials and design integration. I also study process control engineering at the University of Michigan Dearborn and am an undercover master swimmer!

Rob Riedel

I have been working with Kearns Brothers since 2010. I enjoy the challenge of producing a quality roof installation on a daily basis. My crew and I look forwarding to working on your home and reinforcing your selection of Kearns Brothers for your new roof.

Rudy Mendez

Rudy Mendez has been successful part of Team Kearns since 2004. His Titled Position as a Residential Sales and Design Consultant, combined with over 40 years in the residential building industry, Rudy delivers professional service with a personal touch. Having a track record that can help homeowners with design renderings, multi phased projects or financing he is an individual who cares for his clients. In this fast changing environment, his goal to be a “Better Man In All Ways” than he was yesterday, are spoken with conviction. Like a true Michigander, spending treasured time at the lake house with those that he loves “including the rescue dogs” or picking up his guitar, are his gold coins of a lifetime. In Rudy’s words, its not the building or the trucks that make Kearns Brothers successful, its the people. They Truly Care!

Sandy Ball

I have been involved with customer service most of my life and started with Kearns Brothers in 1998. I enjoy helping people and making them happy. I believe in treating people the way I would want to be treated and always with a smile!

Scott Parzuchowski

I have been working with Kearns Brothers since 2013 as a Sales Project Consultant. I love to help my homeowners with achieving their own “American Dream”. I think my best attribute is my ear for the customer’s concerns. I listen to their ideal projects and guide them through the process of accomplishing them. With forty plus years of experience in the industry, I can truly help make any version of the “American Dream” a reality.

Shawn Dunnigan

I am a Senior Operations Manager and have been with Kearns Brothers since 1998. Job responsibility include commercial sales and service. Oversight and scheduling of crews. My strength is working efficiently under pressure, while still taking the time to answer any customers questions. My goal is to communicate with my clients in a more timely fashion. I love practical jokes!. A good laugh will make any day brighter!

Steven Davis

I have been with Kearns Brothers since 2013. I am a service department crew leader in our Condominium division. My job functions include reviewing problematic areas on building exteriors, performing roofing, siding, and carpentry repairs and troubleshooting. I also runs sales and feel my best attribute is my thorough review of all my clients repair and home improvement concerns.

Susan Brown

I been with Kearns Brothers since 2003. I work in the Accounting Department and handle all of our payroll. My most favorite quote is telling everyone “Happy Friday” !

Tim Hubbard

I have been with Kearns Brothers since 2012. I’m highly skilled in exterior repairs. My main goal when arriving on site is to diagnose issues and work to resolve them, making our clients happier than when I arrived.
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