Dr Holm,

Winter is coming, I haven’t made my decision on a roofing company yet. I have gotten eight estimates and they all vary greatly. I have done loads of research and all the companies appear to be the same. I don’t want to pay too much, but I don’t want to get burned either. How can I choose?

O. Nough, Canton, MI

Dear O,

Your letter is a recurring theme from this past summer. My suggestion; visit each company’s showroom, meet the people who answer the phones, who work there. Go to a job site that is in progress. See the network that supports the sales person’s claims. Your contract should detail specifically the manufacture of products, where and how it is installed. Get a waiver of lein, ask where they get their products from & gather info from their suppliers on their credibility. Big money, big decision, take due time to make the right choice. Ask yourself, is this the right choice in the long run? I also think eight estimates are way too many. What are you looking for? Really be honest with what you are looking for. Can you afford to throw away money on a poor what-if only decision? You will know the right company by the company they keep!

The good doc is out for now!