they are still occurring.  It seems like every other week we have been accumulating snow.  The big melt happened… roofs, gutters and downspouts were clean and clear of snow & ice.  Then Sunday night came and whamo…8″-10″ of heavy, wet snow.  Then a couple more inches here and there and next thing we know..we have around a foot of snow on our roofs.  Some sunshine, 30 degree temps and bam! MELTWATER. Meltwater is the precursor to the build up of ice dams.

Please remember prevention helps but is not the end all or cure.  The cure is, ready for this…. never get snow……and that’s not going to happen in Michigan.  Now it can happen in Michigan that we could receive a variety of snowfall amounts, over a range of days or weeks and never see or experience ice dams.  No two winters are exactly the same.  Ice dams, an inexact natural phenom.

Useful knowledge: USE A ROOF RAKE NOW AND CLEAR 4′ OF SNOW FROM THE ROOF WHEREVER YOU HAVE GUTTERS! We can even provide that service for you.

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