Ask Doc Holm;
“Mr Holm,  I think my dad needs your advice on what makes a good window good and a better window better.  Last winter the windows in my room were cold and they had ice on them and right now the window is real warm when I sit close to it. I’ve asked him to change the windows but he keeps telling me he’s researching what the best window is.  Isn’t there some easy way to tell.  Help me help him so he can help me!

Ms Chelsea
Dexter, MI

Ms Dexter, er I mean Ms Chelsea,

I’m not a Mister, that was my Dad.  A couple rules of thumb when selecting the window.  Make sure the window is EnergyStar rated at the minimum.  There should be an EnergyStar sticker on the window or the sales consultant should mention that.  Above and beyond that, ending this year is the Energy Tax incentive program.  Simply stated the window has to exceed the EnergyStar rating and either meet or exceed a U-factor and SHGC (solar heat gain co-efficient) of point 30.  Your Dad can earn up to $1500 in tax rebates.  Pay no attention when somebody brings up the R-value of a window.  Insulation is based on R-value, windows on a U-factor.  And equally as important, is the installer certified or accredited by the factory?  If you find a window manufacture that warranties the installation and guarantees the quality of installation, if you find a company that will guarantee energy savings, if you find a company that has a fiberglass reinforcement h-frame for’ve most likely found a Sunrise Restorations window dealer.

out for now,