Wow!  Last Tuesday, November 22, 1.5″ of rain.  Starting last night, horizontal rain..continuing horizontal rains today and then switching over to snow in the outlying Metro-Detroit.


Please be cautious and prudent.  Be cautious on climbing your roof and putting a tarp over an area, even the most experienced roofers know better to climb a roof during rains.  Be prudent; “quick fixes” are not always what they seem…if you must get a tarp… get a tarp installed by a licensed and INSURED roofing company.  Unfortunately, as of right now there has not been high enough winds to drive insurance claims for the exterior (roofing or siding).  If you have interior damage from this weather event, consult your homeowners policy.. it might just cover that.  Personally, I know the weather has been extreme because of the number of calls we have received regarding roofing situations.  Take your time, understand the situation, use common sense and make an informed decision, and not a knee jerk reaction.