Testimonial from Mary Ann Champion


The last few weeks you have been traveling out to the other side of the Earth to work on our home. I have to tell you what a wonderful job the men are doing.

The color combination is beautiful as is the workmanship. They are so painstakingly meticulous in everything they do. They measure and measure and measure again before applying any materials to the house. Yesterday I saw one of the men using a tool I last remember seeing in geometry class in high school to measure something out. I can’t remember the name of the instrument, but I couldn’t believe it when I saw him using it!

THE DETAIL around the windows and the peaks is beautiful. Even the vents on either side of the house have been custom detailed. None of it looks like aluminum or vinyl. It looks like carpentry on an old fashioned home.

They still have some things to do, but I was really WOWED when I drove up from work today. I sat in my car admiring our house for the longest time. It sure doesn’t look like the house we lived in for the last 26 years. It looks like something from a magazine, it is absolutely charming.

We could not be more pleased with everything that has been done. You have gone WAY beyond our expectations.

Thanks so much,

Mary Ann Champion Sterling Heights, MI