Testimonial from Caroline Maun

To Whom It May Concern:

It was with great trepidation that I contacted several roofing companies to finally address the multiple roof leaks that I had lived with for over six years in my home. I had called various people in the past who “repaired” issues temporarily and ended up doing damage to my roof and chimney. Of all the companies I contacted, Kearns Brothers was the most professional from the first contact until the last nail was driven.

Richard Rice did a thorough assessment and gave me a solid estimate/proposal that was fulfilled throughout the job. I had a full roof replacement, and the only change in price was with the discovery that there needed to be a complete redecking on the roof. Given the fifty year warranty and the professional delivery of service (I had a masonry rebuild ont he chimney, the tear-off of the main roof and two flat roofs, and siding reconstruction), I think Kearns’ offer was of outstanding value.

Communication with the company throughout the process was prompt and professional. Whenever I had a question, the answer was an email or a phone call away. I appreciate the level of service a great deal. I don’t have extensive experience in ushering a home through this level of repair, but at no time did I feel that this inexperience was taken advantage of by this company. I had interviewed other roofers who seemed to sense an opportunity to manipulate me, or who looked at the complexity of the job and simply walked away or never delivered a proposal.

I appreciated the quality of the workmanship, the personal service, the responsible budget and the fact that every individual I met throughout the process associated with Kearns was thoroughly professional and pleasant to know. I am very happy to say I won’t need another roof, most likely, in my lifetime, but I would return to Kearns for other construction needs as I have them in the future.


Caroline Maun, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of English
Wayne State University