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the “Official” Grand Opening, Plymouth Showroom

This is it! 

The “Official” Grand Opening of our new Showroom in the Olde Village neighborhood, at 900 N. Mill St., Plymouth.  

Mike Wall, General Manager of the Plymouth showroom says of this extensive remodeling, “just about everything from the roof to the floor has been updated or replaced.”  The locals are thrilled to see the transformation of the building and property.

The Plymouth showroom is our second location, in addition to the original showroom at 2000 N. Telegraph Rd. in Dearborn. This new showroom features roofing, siding, window

displays and kitchen displays too.

This year marks our 30th year in business and in that time, we have become a nationally recognized and awarded home improvement company. Celebrating this anniversary along with the opening of the Plymouth showroom is a milestone and a reminder of how far our family business has grown.Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 4.42.57 PM

I asked Mike (Kearns) to give me a sound bite about these 2 events…this is what I got, “I am, and we are extremely proud of the growth and accomplishments achieved. (I) am really proud of the makeover of this building.  This location (in Plymouth) will make it easy for our westside clients to visit us. And what’s really cool is Plymouth is a location destination… visit our showroom and then visit downtown Plymouth to enjoy the day.”

Okay Mike…will do

2016 Home Show Specials

I know, I know.  Inserting a .pdf into a wp blog doesn’t generate seo.  I can live with that.  I can’t live with the fact you can’t see our new updated SPECIALS….HERE THEY ARE:

10% OFF ANY ROOFING JOB..up to $3,000..including the new GAF Timberline ArmorShield II…see it at our Home Show booths, Canton, Ann Arbor, and Novi,

10% OFF ANY SIDING JOB…up to $3,000..including James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding and the CertainTeed vinyl and polymer siding lines,

50% OFF WINDOW INSTALLATION…NO $$ LIMIT…including the new BEECHWORTH Window, real wood on the inside where you want it and fiberglass on the exterior where you need it and the Sunrise Restorations line…full frame or pocket insert.

And, we could not be any happier or more pleased to introduce the BEECHWORTH WINDOW line to our clients and potential clients.  We have looked for many years to find the right fit for our clients.  This is it!  The BEAUTY of REAL WOOD on the inside, that’s right where you want it… with the strength, durability and water proofness of fiberglass on the exterior where you need it.  water proofness? that even a word?

Now on display at our Home Show booths and our two showroom locations: 900 N. Mill St., Plymouth or 2000 N Telegraph Rd., Dearborn



mother nature, poor insulation, poor ventilation


Allow me to remind, hit the refresh button….

This weather is PERFECT for creating ICE DAMS….and this weekend it will really get BAD..the perfect storm!
ICE DAMs are formed by 3 things…kinda like a three legged stool

1) weather conditions: snow on roof, frigid temps
2) insulation factor: code is R-49 (which you know, I know)
3) ventilation: in attic

To expound on the above:
Weather conditions: the snow on the roof, typically when greater than 4″ acts as a “blanket” trapping heat inside, accelerating the melting of the snow creating “meltwater” running down the roof shingles, under the snow not visible to the eye, running into the frozen metal (aluminum, copper) and eventually freezing….creating blockage or a dam…and either going to flow over the gutter…up the valley or up the roof line.

Insulation factor: in the winter because your furnace is on, the heat in your house is rising…is going thru the insulation..the less insulation you have the more heat goes into your attic.  Code now requires R-49..that’s almost 14″ of blown-in cellulose!….the warmer the attic, the faster the snow melts…more meltwater more potential for bigger and badder ice dams.

Ventilation:  Intake, exhaust, kitchen and bathroom venting.  Code requirements require 1sq ft of ventilation to every 300sq ft of attic (sq footage)..additional requirements include a balanced ventilation system…meaning equal air intake to air exhaust…1sq ft exhaust to 1 sq ft of intake…INTAKE is extremely important…bring in the fresh, drier, cooler air to move faster the existing warmer, damper attic air.  And the introduction of any bath or kitchen air NOT exhausting THRU THE ROOF or just dumping into the attic adds additional moisture and heat into the attic…creating warmer air and hot pockets

How to fix:  NO PERFECT FIX….to help slow down the build up….remove 6′ of snow on the roof where gutters are….calcium chloride in panty the gutter to slow down the build up of ice……trying to keep water flowing

In the REAL world..if the salt or melting product used on the roads is NOT working because it is too cold, and these products were designed specifically to do this job….and this has problems….in this weather!!!????..and there is warmer air in your attic melting snow….a little pro-active effort on your roof…can yield positive results




  • $$ DOLLAR DAYS $$ November 5 thru November 30 Choose One of Two $1 UPGRADE on ALL Woodgrain Interiors or $2 UPGRADE on SunBlinds

SIDING on complete siding job* * based on siding, trim totaling 10 sq or more

  • $$ DOLLAR DAYS $$ November 5 thru November 30 Choose One of Two $1 UPGRADE Gutter Rx Gutter Protector or $2 UPGRADE for Tyvek Home Wrap

ROOFING on complete roofing job** **based on 10 square or more of roofing shingles

  • $ DOLLAR DAYS $$ November 5 thru November 30 Choose One of Two $1 UPGRADE Tiger Paw underlayment or $2 UPGRADE to DECK-ARMOR Underlayment
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