Wow, I just got a picture from a friend out Milford way of hail larger than a golf ball!  I advise you…be aware….be careful of a company that generates an estimate below insurance repair rates.

Quality installation means:  ALL the right products..preferably manufactured by ONE company..which gives you a stronger, more powerful product warranty.

Quality installation ALSO means: the RIGHT installation…by highly trained crews, award winning installation practices and processes.

Quality installation means: workmanship warranty that equals product warranty.

I understand, your insurance company could possible pay for your new roof if damaged by hail…sit back, take the deep breath.  Yes, hail damages your shingle but typically it wont be leaking into your house right now…think of it like this….you get in an accident in your car, it is still driveable….it looks bad right now but it is serviceable.  Take your time to make the correct and smartest decision.

Get a company you know, a company that has always been in business in Michigan.  Rated by the Southeast Michigan BBB, rated by Angie’s List, rated by

A company like ours.  Kearns Brothers.  Since 1986, Kearns Brothers has been building our business years after year on quality installation.