Dangerous, violent weather; extreme heat, strong winds, hail, lightning

In Michigan, we’ve experienced powerful thunderstorms, straight-line winds and hail.

In Virginia, a 5.9 earthquake.

Dallas Texas; 100/100.  Over 100 days in a row over 100 degrees.

Phoenix Arizona; three incredible dust storms this year.

E5 tornadoes (the highest rated) touching down in Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri and Oklahoma.

The power of these natural forces can wreak havoc on your home, property, psyche and pocketbook.

When damages occur to your home the first reaction is- I have to get this fixed, NOW! Understandable.

We all want to do what’s best for our families.  Best advice; take a deep breath and use common sense. Look at and assess the damage, what is really wrong? What has really happened and what needs to be done to secure the home from additional damage, right now.

When communities and counties have been affected by severe and damaging weather, a substantial amount of insurance work becomes available to the construction industry.  Companies want that work!  Be prepared to deal with companies that arrive at your door step unannounced, that you have never heard of, who want to “help” you, right here right now and you feel the pressure to do the right thing right now..to fix it now!  Be aware, typically these companies are not locally owned and represent themselves as “authorized insurance contractors.”  Companies that are “storm chasers” are not community oriented and are driven by short term success.

The locally owned company is usually busy with their existing client base so there can be a delay in responding.  Take a deep breath. The locally owned company that understands customer service, the needs of the community and understands the need for an immediate response and temporary fix is the company that will work hard on your behalf.  Give them the chance.

Take your time in making decisions and believe in the local company that has been in business for years, the local company whose trucks, vehicles and people you have seen in your neighborhood working on your neighbors’ homes.  Believe that the local company has your best interest in mind because they have to live with their workmanship and reputation in the community.

Believe in yourself knowing that taking the time to make an informed decision and using common sense will be your smartest and safest decision.

Learn, Think, Roof,Windows & Siding

This Saturday, March 13th at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center in Michigan Ave in Dearborn (that was a mouthful) is the Dearborn Area Board of Realtors (DABOR) Home & Garden Expo. Admission is Free, FREE! Zero dollars! Parking is FREE!
We will be there…well Earl Holben and Rich Rice will be to answer questions.  Come one, come all!

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