Today we wanted to share a testimonial that we just received from Daryl and Mary Ann Carey. Since we are very committed to making our customers happy, where of course very pleased that they are happy with us.

Dear Sirs:

We would like to compliment Paul Wilson on his superior customer service during our recent roofing job. Paul presented himself well during the proposal process. The team that performed the work lived up to the terms of the contract. However, Paul exceeded our expectations in his work dealing with GAF and our warranty claim on the old roofing system.

He provided guidance on how to contact GAF and what the process would be. GAF accepted our claim and provided a cash refund and shingle certificates.

When we mentioned to Paul that we had no use for the shingle certificates, he took the initiative to contact GAF and found if we returned the certificates, GAF would provide a cash equivalent.

The service provided by Paul Wilson was a fine example of insuring customer satisfaction. We appreciate his extra effort on our behalf.

Best regards,
Daryl & Mary Ann Carey