The power of Mother Nature!  That was quite a blast and show she provided today, July 11, 2011 in Dearborn and I am sure other towns in Southeast Michigan.

We are experiencing a power outage at our Showroom because of the storms which is resulting in intermittent phone service, no internet access, no power to our computers……Sounds like it could be a Saturday Night Live skit….”what do we do?,”  “we have to write our proposals?,”  “I can’t get Goolge maps, how do I know where to go?”

We can do it!

I have access to incoming emails through our website via my iphone.  We will be able to contact you by phone after that..providing you leave a phone number.

We can tarp your roof after the major tree limbs are removed….that should be covered by your insurance carrier.

Small limbs that have punctured your roof….we can probably take care of that.  We have the resources to help our neighbors.

We ask for your patience while we navigate the next couple of days.

This is really good news on a day like today:  7-11-11…..Free Slurpees at 7/11 today…I heard that on the radio.