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If you are interested in roofing options in the Detroit area and around Southeastern Michigan we invite you to “Check With Us First.” After considering your roofing and financing options available with approved credit, let us know how we can help beautify and protect your home with our premium roofing systems. Also, don’t forget to view our roofing gallery.


Why Use a Roofing System?

Understand the protection system that makes up a Kearns Brothers roofing system through GAF products, providing superior, long-term protection.

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Roofing Warranties

GAFprovides the most warranty choices in the Detroit area for your new roof. If you have questions, review the most frequently asked questions about our warranties.

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Learn the Danger Signals

Nothing can be worse than needing to replace a roof after it is too late. Learn how to spot the key danger signals and know what repairs your roof needs.

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Roof Glossary

We understand that there are a lot of terms when you talk about roofs, and not everyone knows all of them. For your convenience, we have provided a roofing glossary to help you.

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Roofing Work Gallery

View the work that we have completed for customers and see how it turned out on their houses. Use this gallery as inspiration for your own house and to see what you want.

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