Your house is a series of systems: Insulation, Ventilation, Attic spaces, and Exterior wall cavities.

Kearns Brothers want to help you understand how these systems work and how to make them work better with our home insulation services.

This is why we use only ECI II Cellulose Insulation.

Superior Performance: ECI II insulates three ways, simply performing better than common fiberglass batts insulation.

The all natural fibers in cellulose insulate three ways:

  1. Trapped air spaces between the fibers.
  2. Trapped air space within the fiber.
  3. The wood fiber wall is a superior insulator compared to other man-made fibers.

Superior Savings: Testing from several sources, such as the Colorado University researchers and Oak Ridge National Laboratories, show that cellulose performs over 25% better than other insulation products in warm climates, and nearly 40% better in cold weather conditions. Real-world performance tests proved that some fiberglass products can lose 20 to 40% of their effective R-values (resistance to heat flow or insulating power) in winter conditions! Cellulose actually performs better, the colder it gets!

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