even without gutters, ice dams occur

even without gutters, ice dams occur

from Mlive,” And then there’s the cold. January 2014 could potentially end up one of the top 10 coldest Januarys on record, based on climate date collected since 1874.
January 2014, with an average daily temperature of 16.9 degrees through Monday, is the eight coldest January on record and the 15th coldest month ever.
and then there is this from MLive, “….DETROIT, MI — With 38.8 inches of snow so far this January, the former monthly record, 29.6 inches in 1978, has been shattered, according to National Weather Service data.
The average snowfall for January is 12.5 inches with 23.7 inches for the winter season. So far this winter, the Detroit area has received 38.3 inches, just a tenth of an inch less than the all-time monthly record, 38.4 inches, set in February of 1908.”




Please, Please, Please understand that this type of weather is creating optimal conditions for ice dam formation..that problematic backup of ice from your gutters onto your roof and then who knows where.

Even I got ice dams on my house…this is the very first time with all of these weather conditions we have had this year, or go back to 2009, or even further back…this is the VERY FIRST time that I have ice dams on my front porch overhang..and it’s not even a heated space!!

What to do to ease the build up?ice-dam-577w Remove 4-6′ of snow wherever there are gutters on your house…sprinkle/toss calcium chloride onto the roof, fill an old pantyhose with calcium chloride and place in the gutter if you can….the calcium chloride will help to melt the ice build up and as it runs from your roof and into your gutter, that should help to melt the ice in there as well.

If you never, ever want ice dams…there’s always Florida