Dear Doc Holm,

My roof is less than 10 years old and I have noticed during the past couple of storms the shingles at the edges of my house keep flipping up.  It’s like there is no caulk to keep them sealed down.  I then noticed some staining on my ceiling.  I guess I have a leak.  I thought shingles are supposed to seal to each other.  What can I do to stop the leak?  Shouldn’t the shingles be sealed down after 10 years?

JR Oatey, Dearborn


Yes, your shingles should be sealed down after 10 years.  You should not have any shingles flipping up at the edges of your house if the roofer used a “starter shingle.”  The starter shingle is a shingle the roofing contractor should have installed.  It is made specifically for placement at the edges of your roof to prevent shingles from flipping up.  These shingles cost more but perform better than none at all.  Some roofers cut costs by using a 3 tab shingle turned around but the sealant on the shingle is not at the edge of the roof.  This doesn’t work well either as you notice.  What you can do to prevent this I suggest you seal the shingles down about 2″ from the edge using a roofing tar such as DeWitt’s.  You’ll be blown away by the results and your shingles won’t blow away.

Doc Holm out