Continuing on from those remarks, Mike is emphasizing to homeowners to be aware of the strength and power that this past winter’s weather brought to your home.  Many of Southeast Michigan homeowners experienced damaging ice dams.  Unfortunately, not all of the damage caused by ice dams is noticeable.

Think about the maintenance you’ve done on your car, air pressure in the tires, washes to get the salt off, detailing to rid the salt out of the interior, oil changes. What about the maintenance on your roof, your siding, your chimney? Those particular features of your home are exposed to and have been exposed to the weather 24 hours a day, 365 days a year…never ever seeing the inside of a garage…at least your car can see that!  And then there’s the attic of your house..the ventilation, the insulation.  Excessive moisture in attics can reduce the R-value of fiberglass insulation.

TODAY, starts off at 70 degrees, winds are now gusting to over 40MPH and there is a chance of snow tonight!

Very shortly Kearns Brothers will be introducing a maintenance program to help ensure you to get the maximum life out of your roof.  Stay tuned.