SKYLIGHTS?!  Who doesn’t like skylights?  They add beauty and light into your home.

They can even help save on the electric bill (no reason to turn on the lights!).

However, my experience has shown me that the homeowners who don’t like skylights are the ones who have leaking skylights.  The question is, why are they leaking?  Quite often, it is not the skylight itself.  It is poor installation.  We love Velux skylights because of their quality and their flashing kits (that’s the kit of pieces that stop water infiltration between the skylight and the roof). We expertly install hundreds of Velux skylights a year.

But, you say, your’s are leaking!  Well, let’s look at the installation practices. If you’re considering skylights with your new roof, or just installing new skylights into your existing roof, I implore you to address two critical areas.

First, is the installer using a manufacturer’s flashing kit with the skylight?  Velux makes specific flashing kits for their skylight installs, and this helps to ensure against leaks and offer a great warranty.

Second, where are these skylights being installed?  If they are on a steep roof, great!  However, if installed on a low pitch roof, special curbs may be needed to be built and installed.  This is where the question of who installs the skylights becomes critical.

Unfortunately, I have seen skylights installed on extremely low-pitched roofs where a special curb was not used.  The curb raises the back end of the skylight further off the roof deck, ensuring the water doesn’t pour in!  So, how can you make sure your skylights are properly installed?  Call Kearns Brothers.  We will build the curbs right in our warehouse, install Velux skylights with Velux flashing kits, and back it up with a great warranty.  Sleep well at night, look at the stars & the moon, know that your skylights won’t be leaking, and you can have no worries about the spring rains!