Well, spring has sprung. Kinda.   You’ve been outside and eyeballed your roof.   You might see some shingles curling, some streaking, and worst of all, maybe some water in the attic!   You figure it’s time for a new roof, and being a smart consumer, you want to hire the best combination of price and performance.   So, where to begin?   Friends and family are a good start.   No, not to install the roof, but friends and family may be able to refer a company who did a great job for them in the past.   However, it’s important to do some research on your own.   It always amazes me when I go on an estimate and the homeowner has not researched the company that is doing the estimate.   If you’re getting ready to spend thousands on your roof, please make sure the job is being done right.   So, how about a checklist.   A common sense list that you, the homeowner, can follow to ensure the best possible roofing decision…

1. Is the company recognized by the manufacturer of the roofing materials?   Do they have the proper awards and certifications?   They should, and should show you during the estimate.
2. Do they thoroughly explain the system and materials that are being installed?   Your roof needs a complete system, installed with the best materials, and if you’re spending, you deserve to know about the materials and the system being installed.
3. What is the company history?   How long have they been in business, under the same name?   The most reputable companies are fiscally responsible and have a reputation for honesty, fairness, and integrity.   How do you find out?   Ask for referrals.   They should be able to provide you with plenty from the city you live in.
4.  The crews.   Who’s working on your roof?   Can they tell you the name of the roof manager and foreman?   These are important because you have a right to know who you have hired.   The best companies have the best crews with competent foremen running your roof install.
5.   How about a customer service staff?   When you call during business hours, does a friendly and helpful voice answer the phone?   If you have questions or concerns, you should be able to call during business hours and get the necessary answers.   The best roofing companies have your service concerns in mind, and are there to answer your questions.
6.   This may sound funny, but trust your gut.   The sales representative that comes to your house should be educating and informing you about the entire roofing process.   They should NOT be pressuring you to sign a contract.   It is vitally important that you understand the entire process, and a great sales representative will diligently explain that to you.   If you feel uneasy with the sales person, that does not bode well for the rest of the process.   So, trust your gut!

This checklist is just a beginning. The Better Business Bureau and your area Chamber of Commerce can also help with valuable information about hiring the right roofing contractor.   Do you homework, do your research, and be happy about the decision you’ve made. You’ll find that you’ll be thrilled with the value and benefits the right roofing contractor bring to the table.   Good luck and good hiring!

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