When the Storm Chasing Roofing Contractors invade your neighborhood….

Choosing The Wrong Contractor Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars!

Did you know:

  • The #1 reason why consumers call the BBB is to inquire about General Contracting/Roofing Contractors according to the National Better Business Bureau Report.
  • 96% of contractors fail in 5 years – leaving you with no one to turn to in case of problems. (The U.S. Small Business Association)
  • Roofing is the 2nd highest injury occupation- and you could be at risk if someone is injured on your property. (National review of Independent Insurance Companies)
  • 9 in 10 homes have inadequate attic ventilation- which can result in premature aging of your roof (and most contractors don’t know it!)

Many fly-by-night roofing contractors prey on unsuspecting property owners in storm areas.  They get you all worked up, they tell you they can get you a free roof!

Take your time, calm your nerves, educate yourself on the company that is proposing to work on your home.  Make sure the company is licensed in your state and will have their insurance carrier fax or confirm that their insurance certificate is current and valid.  Buy local.