dams.  I remember last year I got all jacked up around this time, when we had a bunch of snow on our roofs’ and a warm-up was coming.  The warm-up came and melted the snow off of the roofs so quickly we didn’t have time for ice dams and the related problems.


Most homes in the metro Detroit area, as well as the metro Ann Arbor area have a fair amount of snow on their roofs.  With an insulation value in your attic less than r-45, (which is code and over 75% of the homes in our area don’t meet insulation code requirements), ice dams occur.  Even with proper ventilation in your attic, ice dams can occur.  Even when it’s 8 degrees outside.  The snow on your roof acts like and performs like a thermal blanket. The snow on your roof deck (shingles) is going to melt.  It always does.  When that occurs, the “meltwater” then runs down your roof deck and freezes at the edge of your roof.

What to do now!  Remove at least 4′ of snow from above the gutters.  If your gutters are frozen solid with water (that’s called ice), throw a panty hose filed with calcium chloride…or just throw the calcium chloride onto the ice and that will help to melt the it.  There is usually water trapped under the ice that is backed up onto your roof.  If you are careful, able and willing to chip away, I mentioned carefully, right? the ice..you can relieve some of the pressure of water back up.

or you can call us and schedule a crew out to your house to prevent or lessen the problem.

From now until Saturday..the highest temperature will be 25 and the lows…oh…4 degrees.  Refreshing…