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the “Official” Grand Opening, Plymouth Showroom

This is it! 

The “Official” Grand Opening of our new Showroom in the Olde Village neighborhood, at 900 N. Mill St., Plymouth.  

Mike Wall, General Manager of the Plymouth showroom says of this extensive remodeling, “just about everything from the roof to the floor has been updated or replaced.”  The locals are thrilled to see the transformation of the building and property.

The Plymouth showroom is our second location, in addition to the original showroom at 2000 N. Telegraph Rd. in Dearborn. This new showroom features roofing, siding, window

displays and kitchen displays too.

This year marks our 30th year in business and in that time, we have become a nationally recognized and awarded home improvement company. Celebrating this anniversary along with the opening of the Plymouth showroom is a milestone and a reminder of how far our family business has grown.Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 4.42.57 PM

I asked Mike (Kearns) to give me a sound bite about these 2 events…this is what I got, “I am, and we are extremely proud of the growth and accomplishments achieved. (I) am really proud of the makeover of this building.  This location (in Plymouth) will make it easy for our westside clients to visit us. And what’s really cool is Plymouth is a location destination… visit our showroom and then visit downtown Plymouth to enjoy the day.”

Okay Mike…will do


Mike From Kearns Brothers rooofing says,”Now’s the time to address maintenance of your home!”

Continuing on from those remarks, Mike is emphasizing to homeowners to be aware of the strength and power that this past winter’s weather brought to your home.  Many of Southeast Michigan homeowners experienced damaging ice dams.  Unfortunately, not all of the damage caused by ice dams is noticeable.

Think about the maintenance you’ve done on your car, air pressure in the tires, washes to get the salt off, detailing to rid the salt out of the interior, oil changes. What about the maintenance on your roof, your siding, your chimney? Those particular features of your home are exposed to and have been exposed to the weather 24 hours a day, 365 days a year…never ever seeing the inside of a garage…at least your car can see that!  And then there’s the attic of your house..the ventilation, the insulation.  Excessive moisture in attics can reduce the R-value of fiberglass insulation.

TODAY, starts off at 70 degrees, winds are now gusting to over 40MPH and there is a chance of snow tonight!

Very shortly Kearns Brothers will be introducing a maintenance program to help ensure you to get the maximum life out of your roof.  Stay tuned.

where, why, how.

Record January weather…now February?

even without gutters, ice dams occur

even without gutters, ice dams occur

from Mlive,” And then there’s the cold. January 2014 could potentially end up one of the top 10 coldest Januarys on record, based on climate date collected since 1874.
January 2014, with an average daily temperature of 16.9 degrees through Monday, is the eight coldest January on record and the 15th coldest month ever.
and then there is this from MLive, “….DETROIT, MI — With 38.8 inches of snow so far this January, the former monthly record, 29.6 inches in 1978, has been shattered, according to National Weather Service data.
The average snowfall for January is 12.5 inches with 23.7 inches for the winter season. So far this winter, the Detroit area has received 38.3 inches, just a tenth of an inch less than the all-time monthly record, 38.4 inches, set in February of 1908.”




Please, Please, Please understand that this type of weather is creating optimal conditions for ice dam formation..that problematic backup of ice from your gutters onto your roof and then who knows where.

Even I got ice dams on my house…this is the very first time with all of these weather conditions we have had this year, or go back to 2009, or even further back…this is the VERY FIRST time that I have ice dams on my front porch overhang..and it’s not even a heated space!!

What to do to ease the build up?ice-dam-577w Remove 4-6′ of snow wherever there are gutters on your house…sprinkle/toss calcium chloride onto the roof, fill an old pantyhose with calcium chloride and place in the gutter if you can….the calcium chloride will help to melt the ice build up and as it runs from your roof and into your gutter, that should help to melt the ice in there as well.

If you never, ever want ice dams…there’s always Florida

mother nature, poor insulation, poor ventilation


Allow me to remind, hit the refresh button….

This weather is PERFECT for creating ICE DAMS….and this weekend it will really get BAD..the perfect storm!
ICE DAMs are formed by 3 things…kinda like a three legged stool

1) weather conditions: snow on roof, frigid temps
2) insulation factor: code is R-49 (which you know, I know)
3) ventilation: in attic

To expound on the above:
Weather conditions: the snow on the roof, typically when greater than 4″ acts as a “blanket” trapping heat inside, accelerating the melting of the snow creating “meltwater” running down the roof shingles, under the snow not visible to the eye, running into the frozen metal (aluminum, copper) and eventually freezing….creating blockage or a dam…and either going to flow over the gutter…up the valley or up the roof line.

Insulation factor: in the winter because your furnace is on, the heat in your house is rising…is going thru the insulation..the less insulation you have the more heat goes into your attic.  Code now requires R-49..that’s almost 14″ of blown-in cellulose!….the warmer the attic, the faster the snow melts…more meltwater more potential for bigger and badder ice dams.

Ventilation:  Intake, exhaust, kitchen and bathroom venting.  Code requirements require 1sq ft of ventilation to every 300sq ft of attic (sq footage)..additional requirements include a balanced ventilation system…meaning equal air intake to air exhaust…1sq ft exhaust to 1 sq ft of intake…INTAKE is extremely important…bring in the fresh, drier, cooler air to move faster the existing warmer, damper attic air.  And the introduction of any bath or kitchen air NOT exhausting THRU THE ROOF or just dumping into the attic adds additional moisture and heat into the attic…creating warmer air and hot pockets

How to fix:  NO PERFECT FIX….to help slow down the build up….remove 6′ of snow on the roof where gutters are….calcium chloride in panty the gutter to slow down the build up of ice……trying to keep water flowing

In the REAL world..if the salt or melting product used on the roads is NOT working because it is too cold, and these products were designed specifically to do this job….and this has problems….in this weather!!!????..and there is warmer air in your attic melting snow….a little pro-active effort on your roof…can yield positive results

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