Why I am still blogging about ice dams? because

they are still occurring.  It seems like every other week we have been accumulating snow.  The big melt happened… roofs, gutters and downspouts were clean and clear of snow & ice.  Then Sunday night came and whamo…8″-10″ of heavy, wet snow.  Then a couple more inches here and there and next thing we know..we have around a foot of snow on our roofs.  Some sunshine, 30 degree temps and bam! MELTWATER. Meltwater is the precursor to the build up of ice dams.

Please remember prevention helps but is not the end all or cure.  The cure is, ready for this…. never get snow……and that’s not going to happen in Michigan.  Now it can happen in Michigan that we could receive a variety of snowfall amounts, over a range of days or weeks and never see or experience ice dams.  No two winters are exactly the same.  Ice dams, an inexact natural phenom.

Useful knowledge: USE A ROOF RAKE NOW AND CLEAR 4′ OF SNOW FROM THE ROOF WHEREVER YOU HAVE GUTTERS! We can even provide that service for you.

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Chicken Little and the Sky is Falling..let’s talk about ice

dams.  I remember last year I got all jacked up around this time, when we had a bunch of snow on our roofs’ and a warm-up was coming.  The warm-up came and melted the snow off of the roofs so quickly we didn’t have time for ice dams and the related problems.


Most homes in the metro Detroit area, as well as the metro Ann Arbor area have a fair amount of snow on their roofs.  With an insulation value in your attic less than r-45, (which is code and over 75% of the homes in our area don’t meet insulation code requirements), ice dams occur.  Even with proper ventilation in your attic, ice dams can occur.  Even when it’s 8 degrees outside.  The snow on your roof acts like and performs like a thermal blanket. The snow on your roof deck (shingles) is going to melt.  It always does.  When that occurs, the “meltwater” then runs down your roof deck and freezes at the edge of your roof.

What to do now!  Remove at least 4′ of snow from above the gutters.  If your gutters are frozen solid with water (that’s called ice), throw a panty hose filed with calcium chloride…or just throw the calcium chloride onto the ice and that will help to melt the it.  There is usually water trapped under the ice that is backed up onto your roof.  If you are careful, able and willing to chip away, I mentioned carefully, right? the ice..you can relieve some of the pressure of water back up.

or you can call us and schedule a crew out to your house to prevent or lessen the problem.

From now until Saturday..the highest temperature will be 25 and the lows…oh…4 degrees.  Refreshing…


Mike Kearns just announced on the Handyman Show with Glenn Haege (live interview from the Novi Home Show)…..for our clients who buy a new roof from us in 2011… in recognition of our 25th year in business….a LIFETIME WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY.  Couple our installation and workmanship commitment and the GAF Lifetime Warranty (roof shingle)….no more money out of your pocket for a replacement roof…ever again.  Only the BEST of The BEST can make that pledge and commitment.   No games, no gimmicks, just a real commitment.

To be in the know about ice dams……….

Hey Doc Holm-  When should I start worrying about ice dams?  New York, Boston and their suburbs have been dumped with lots of snow.  We just keep getting a couple inches here and there.  I still have snow on my roof but there’s a warm up coming.  Should I do anything?  I don’t want the problems I had last year.

Ida Nough, Moscow, MI

Dear Ida,

You may not know this but there are many things you can do to prevent problems relating to snow and ice dams on your roof.  I hope you take my advice and act on the immediate precautions and work on the others when the thaw comes….Hey, is Moscow by Hudson?  I digress.

first; either get a snow rake (found at your local hardware store) or hire somebody to remove 6′-10′ of snow on your roof wherever there are gutters. (DO IT NOW)

second; look inside your gutters and if they are filled with ice, either sprinkle or insert a panty hose filled with calcium chloride to melt the ice and create water flow, so when the meltdown occurs the water will run through your gutters and not over them.  (DO IT NOW)

third; get an inspection and if needed an action plan.  The inspection should look at; your attic ventilation both intake and exhaust (exhaust only is good but works much, much better with intake air/ventilation AND your attic insulation (depth of it and whether its touching the inside of your roof decking at the edges and if it’s blocking the air intake).  (ACTION PLAN)

These steps can help you now and will help you in the future so now Ida Nough, you’re in the know.


Roofing, GAF, New & Improved Warranty, Master Elite Contractors

If you are looking and considering a new roof this year…..this might be a bit lengthy but well worth your time investment right now.

We are ME Certified

This week GAF announced a free Lifetime Ltd. Warranty upgrade on all laminated shingles installed after January 1, 2011.

Greater Coverage… Master Elite contractors can now offer 50 years of 100% coverage on laminated shingles under the System Plus and Golden Pledge Warranties. That’s a significant advantage over the 10 years of 100% coverage offered by non-certified contractors. You now have five times as much 100% coverage as non-certified contractors!

Increased Workmanship… 25 years of workmanship coverage on laminated shingles under the Golden Pledge Warranty (previous coverage was 20 years).

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